About A&A Martial Arts & Fitness


A&A Martial Arts and Fitness mission to offer students/members a place where one can learn the art of Taekwondo, Kenpo Karate and Cardio Kickboxing while enjoying the experience to improve one’s self-esteem, concentration, discipline and self control. Also as karate students’ advance in rank from white to black belt they will gain the knowledge and experience that will last a lifetime.

New Facility

Our classes are held in a newly built, fully-equipped 1,650 square foot facility with carpeted floor, air-condition/heat, ceiling fans and spacious restrooms along with men’s and women’s locker rooms for your personal belongings. Many of our members appreciate that we are located in a safe, well-lighted business park with convenient parking.  We also have a cold beverages, karate and kickboxing equipment available for purchase.

New Ownership

Known as Curtis Abernathy's American Kenpo Karate since 1996, we were pleased to announce in January of 2015 the relocation of the studio under new co-ownership of Antonio "Tony" Flores and Audrey Rodriguez who will operate as A&A Martial Arts and Fitness, LLC.

Antonio "Tony" Flores  is currently a 3rd degree black belt in Taekwondo and also a Cardio Kickboxing instructor for the past seven years. Antonio also holds a 1st degree Black belt in JuKiDo  (PKI Karate)​, Brown Belt in Joe Lewis Fighting Systems (Kicks n Punches Academy) and a Blue Belt in Ed Parker's American Kenpo Karate (Curtis Abernathy’s American Kenpo Karate)​.

Audrey Rodriguez has been a fitness enthusiast since 1994 beginning with a Physical Conditioning course at SAC that consisted of jogging and weight training. Then in 2002, I found a new passion with UBC, the Ultimate Bodyshaping Course, a 12-wk course which was a mix of cardio kickboxing and strength training with resistant bands. She has been a Cardio Kickboxing instructor for the past five years.

Our Instructors

Our trainers are some of the most qualified in the martial arts and fitness industry. Each are trained not only in karate techniques, but also in the skill of effectively and safely relaying the techniques to members of all ages and abilities.